XcelTrip – Marketing Representatives Needed

XcelTrip is a new exciting travel booking site. Marketing representatives are currently needed.   XcelTrip was developed to operate on blockchain technology, and is the first of it’s kind.  This will take the middle man out of booking flights and hotels, motels, etc.  When I say “middleman”, I am talking about the online booking agencies we have now such as Expedia and Priceline.


Until recently, and still now, flights and hotels are booked by using a service such as Expedia or one of the many other sites.  So many different businesses are taking reservations for the same hotels that errors occur.  Often times you arrive to find that your room was booked to more than one customer, leaving you in a mess.  Also, the owner of the hotel/motel had to charge a higher price due to the high fees charged by these booking agencies.  Understandably, the fees had to be fairly high.  Costs had to be covered by the booking agencies to pay for all their employees, buildings, utilities, etc.


With XcelTrip, all of the expenses associated with these middle men are eliminated.  With XcelTrip, the customers can book their own reservations online.  This is where the blockchain comes in.  The Blockchain is so efficient that it updates the reservations every 10 minutes, day and night.  It is done automatically; without any human assistance.  Therefore, there is no room for human errors such as double booking rooms.

Independent Marketing Professionals Needed

XcelTrip is in need of additional representatives to help register hotels/motels into their system.   This is easy to do, because there is absolutely no cost to the hotel/motel for registering.  XcelTrip pays for the advertising.  A fee is only charged when someone books a room.  XcelTrip does not have the overhead that booking agencies such as Expedia have, therefore they can charge the hotel/motel a much smaller booking fee.

XcelTrip has a great compensation plan for their marketing professionals.  Currently, you will receive a bonus for every hotel/motel you register. After that, every time a room is booked with that hotel/motel through XcelTrip, you are paid a commission.  The commission for bookings will be in place for life. Therefore, every time you register a business, you are setting yourself up for income that lasts into the future.

How to Become a Marketing Professional

There is absolutely no cost involved with becoming a Independent Marketing Professional with XcelTrip.  All you need to do is GO HERE and you will be taken to a form to register.  


The form is very easy to complete.  Simply fill in your name, country, city and phone number.  Be sure to check the box saying you agree to the terms.  Then download a copy of your drivers license or other photo ID and submit the form.


Additional information about XcelTrip is available by GOING HERE

Additional information about the blockchain is available by GOING HERE