Xceltrip Travel Booking Site to Release Xcel Tokens

XcelTrip is the first major blockchain based travel booking site and they will be releasing their own Xcel Tokens.  XcelTrip is poised to revolutionize the travel industry. They have created a very user friendly booking site.  Therefore, you will be able to book your own reservations easily, without the worry of someone forgetting to book the flights or rooms for you.

Xcel Tokens

XcelTrip will be releasing their own tokens, the Xcel Tokens.  These will be released at a value of .22 each, and are expected to be on the exchanges on March 1, 2018.  It can be used to purchase air line tickets and hotels/motels on the XcelTrip site. Therefore, the Xcel Token should be on your list of tokens TO BUY.

What is XcelTrip

XcelTrip is a travel booking site that is based on the blockchain.  There are no middle men to deal with, such as when you book with Expedia or that type of site.  XcelTrip has created a very easy to use site.  Therefore, you will be able to log onto Xceltrip.com and book your own travel needs.  Also, since it is based on blockchain technology, it will be updated almost immediately when you book your reservations.  This means no worries about someone double booking your tickets or your rooms.

Paying for your Reservations

When you book your reservations at XcelTrip.com, you will have the option of using cryptocurrency when you check out.  This is where the Xcel Tokens come into play. Be sure to watch for the release of the Xcel Tokens on March 1st.  They can be used to pay for your purchases on XcelTrip.com.   Of course, you can also use a debit or credit card.

XcelTrip App

XcelTrip has created an app to help you get the most out of your travel experience. It will give you ideas for lots of things to do as you travel. Keep an eye out for the XcelTrip app so you can get it downloaded.

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