TRAVEL (All Things Travel)


Information and offers pertaining to Travel are found here.  Find the best ways to travel, and travel for less with the resources found below.  Nothing makes life more enjoyable than travelling to take in the wonders God provided us.  Where are you going to go next?

ExelTrip – Decentralized Travel.  Vendors such as hotels, car rentals, boat rentals, etc., check out this site for information about how you can save money by registering with ExclTrip.  Allow your customers to Book their reservations on ExclTrip and save both your customer and your business some money.  GO HERE for more information.

Best Travel Prices – XcelTrip.  XcelTrip will offer the best prices available on airline tickets and hotels/motels.  They are able to offer lower prices because their program eliminates all the costs associated with the middle man.  Go here to read about it.

Blockchain Travel Booking Site.  XcelTrip is the first ever travel booking site based on blockchain technology.  This will revolutionize the industry.  No more middle men.  No more human error in booking travel.  Plus, up to the minute vacancies.  Go Here to read about it

XcelTrip to Release Xcel Tokens.  XcelTrip is set to release their own tokens, the Xcel Tokens.  They can be used to pay for bookings on  They will be released at a value of .22 each.  Be sure to watch for them and buy for our next trip.

Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV And Motorhome Drivers  Finally a guide on all the glorious Mountain locations and places to see travelas you go your way through the Mountains of the USA.  Get the Mountain Directory Details Here:




If you are planning on traveling, we have exciting things for you.  If you are driving through the mountains, be sure and take the Mountain directory with you.  If you are flying, check out the all new XcelTrip decentralized planner.  Book your reservations with XcelTrip and save money..