Patio, Lawn and Garden at the Best Prices Online

We are excited to offer you the best online prices for all your Patio, Lawn and Garden needs. This site brings you an amazing selection of products.  You are sure to find what you are looking for.  Be sure to bookmark this site, and always enter through our site to ensure the best prices.

The seasons change, and so do our outside activities.  We have you covered throughout the year.  For cooler weather, we offer a great selection of fire pits.  There is not much that is more relaxing than sitting around a fire.  Just mention the word SMORES around my house, and you soon have everyone close to the fire

Let’s Grill Something

There is never a season in our home when we won’t fire up the grill for some burgers or steak.  We’ve been experimenting with veggies on the grill too.  Ummmmm  grilled zucchini!!!   I’m proud to bring you this unbelievable selection of grills and other outdoor cooking equipment.  Along with outdoor grills, we have more unique items like this single burner butane cooker.  What a great idea.


Relaxing On The Patio

Are you looking for outdoor furniture for your patio?  I just looked through our selection of outdoor furniture.  WOW.  There is something for every taste.  We offer just about any style you can think of, and in a wide variety of colors.  Check it out here.






We all know that all of our time outdoors cannot be spent sitting on the deck.  There is a little work involved to keep the place looking great.  We have you covered.  Go Here and you will see all types of lawn care equipment, including trimmers and edgers.  We also have pressure washers and lawnmowers, as well as chainsaws , snow blowers and a multitude of other pieces of equipment to help make your job easier


Also offered on this site are tons of different types of yard and garden decorations.  GO HERE to see it all.


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