Pamper Your Skin with Luxury Soaps by Soapcreek

Try luxury soaps from Soapcreek and feel the difference in how soft and smooth your skin is.  While most soap makers remove the glycerin, a naturally occurring by-product of soap making, Soapcreek leaves the glycerin in their products.  This rehydrates your skin, which leaves it very soft and smooth and healthy.  This is one of the reasons why Soapcreek stands out above the rest in luxury soaps.

luxury soaps


The one word we can use when summing up how Soapcreek selects the ingredients for their products is “quality”.  When trying new products, Soapcreek orders new ingredients in small amounts and mixes small batches of soap to test.  Only the finest ingredients pass the test and are added to their products.


Soapcreek offers a very wide variety of fragrances in their soaps.  Here is just a partial list of their fragrances:

Bergamot Italia Artisan Soap
Blondewood Artisan Soap
Bourbon Vanilla Artisan Soap
Candy Cane Artisan Soap
Carrot Honey Artisan Soap
Chocolate Mint Artisan Soap
Desert Beauty Artisan Soap
Eucalyptus Tea Artisan Soap

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luxury soaps

Why Soap Creek

Soapcreek believes in bringing you the highest quality luxury soaps while using old fashioned craftsmanship.  Their soap makers stir their soap by hand, rather than using large mixers.  The craftsmen can actually observe the ingredients as they are added to the mixture.  This ensures that the right amounts of the correct ingredients are added at the optimal time to result in a perfect batch of luxury soaps.

Other Products

Soapcreek also makes other luxury skin care products.  These include

Bamboo Bags
Body Buttercreme
Butter Bombs
Cane Sugar Whip
Heel Butter
Lip Mend
Spa Minerals

Family Business

Soapcreek is a family business.  Let’s hear a little bit about them.


I grew up as farm girl in Utah. We grew much of what we ate. My father also owned a successful business in Salt Lake City. I was brought up to work at being successful at whatever I did, whether it was riding horses, cooking, sewing, fishing, or caring for animals. I loved trying new things. When I was twelve, I made my first batch of soap, ruining my mother’s muffin tin in the process. I will never forget that first batch of soap. That first batch was a definite failure, but now about twenty years later, I am the owner and master artisan soap maker of our growing natural body care company, Soapcreek.


Fred grew up in Arizona. In sixth grade, he and the other top students in his class were chosen to go with their teacher, an avid outdoorsman, to hike down the Grand Canyon on a fishing expedition. Their journey took them down Soap Creek Canyon to the Colorado River. The canyon got its name from the first white pioneers traveling through. They had caught a badger and tried to cook it in the alkali water trickling down the canyon. The greasy badger meat boiled with the alkali water left soap floating in the top of the pan and an inedible pot of food. Fred liked the area a lot and has gone back many times. Thus, the name of Soapcreek Company was born.


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