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Does anyone remember the rolling stones?

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How about the Beatles?

It was Ringo Starr who came up with the phrase ‘eight days a week’.  This was an offhand joke about a working schedule so frantic it seemed to crush time.


This photo is from Ron Howard’s Beatles Documentary Eight Days a Week




Howard’s film follows the band from Ringo’s arrival in 1962 to their final paid live concert in 1966. Four lifetimes of live performance crammed into as many years, whittled down to two hours of movie.


Teenage Beatles fans at the San Francisco airport as the Beatles began their 25 day American tour on August 18th, 1964.  (Credit: Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images)


On the road with The Beatles in Ron Howard’s new film.




Beatles Influence – The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement becomes part of the story. For example, because the band’s manager Brian Epstein included a line in their touring contracts.  It specified the band would not play to segregated crowds.

Whoopi Goldberg, who was at the famous 1965 Shea Stadium gig, says she “never thought of them as white guys,” and describes them as “colorless” .

Likewise, the film shrewdly draws a line between the Beatles’ mischievous sense of humor. Their long-time producer George Martin’s earlier life recording alternative comedy. (Martin had worked with the Goons, an enormous influence on the band’s growing lyrical eccentricity in that period. As well as their off-the-cuff ribbing of strait-laced reporters.) But like many other ideas here, it’s tantalizingly flicked through, then shelved a little too early.


Vitally, though, the songs themselves get their due. Some appear in pleasingly unfamiliar forms. The film’s title track first turns up with Lennon and McCartney’s experimental oohed introduction, before segueing into its better-known version.

Plus there’s the straightforward pleasure of hearing the tracks play through a cinema sound system. – When Sgt. Pepper’s opening chords slam into your chest, the album really feels like an act of resuscitation.

What The Beatles did with the new lease of life that record gave them isn’t a matter for this film. But if Howard decides to address it in another, it’d be very welcome


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