With Green Products, it starts with Solar Energy.  We will be constantly updating things as we find them.  Though Solar is a great plan.

Energy2green, Windmill and solar panels, DIY information.  Almost everyone spends a substancial amount of money every month paying their electric bill.  How would you like to find a way to cut that bill drastically?  We have found for you this Energy2green site.  They offer complete instructions for building your own windmill and solar panel.  In their tests, they built both of these for less than $200 each.  The instructions are easy to follow.  You don’t have to be an engineer or construction professional to build these.  Actually, the instructions were given to several groups of high school students.  They were able to build both the solar panel and the windmill without any adult assistance.  I know I am tired of paying a high electric bill.  I’m going to buy the instructions and start going green.  Click here for more information.