Cryptocurrency Information and Support

The world is becoming globalized and there is a new online money called cryptocurrency.  The first cryptocurreny was Bitcoin. Now there are thousands of other coins in in existence. In order to help make Bitcoin more understandable, we have created the following page.

Breakdown of Bitcoin

Blockchain has created the Bitcoin, which is the first form of decentralized money.  No one person or entity has control over the bitcoin. The bitcoin operates as it’s own economy. There is a limited number of bitcoins.  Therefore, once those are all in circulation,no more will be made.  Bitcoin is a worldwide currency. Everyone will need a secure place to store their bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  The Ominex wallet is the logical choice.


You will need a secure place to store your cryptocurrency. The OMINEX is the leader in making this happen and therefore we are the ones to watch. There are many regulations regarding cryptocurrency, and there are also many wallets available.  Ominex is a leader due to our compliance with regulations.

Cryptocurrency – How to Protect and Operate within Compliance and Legality Globally:

OMINEX  has created the Ominex Wallet.  It meets all of the regulatory guidelines, worldwide.   In 2017 we took our knowledge and understandings of regulations to the blockchain and ICO space.  Our role in the new future is offering Compliant Token Solutions.  In other words, the Ominex Wallet is a safe and secure place to keep your cryptocurrencies.

OMINEX put together the “Open Compliance Project” to support international regulations  and also to keep up with changes and growth as it occurs.

The number of new ICO (coin offerings) is surpassing 20 new types of tokens offered each day.  These coins need to be regulated to protect the consumers. This is where OMINEX comes in.

Solutions offered by Ominex

Ominex will check all new cryptocurrencies.  Additionally, Ominex will verify that they are legitimate. Thereafter,  when a new coin is determined to be legitimate, you can buy, sell and store that coin in your Ominex Wallet.  Some wallets only support certain types of cryptocurrency. The Ominex  gives you easy access to view the top coins.   Furthermore, you can  buy and sell easily within the Ominex, without needing to obtain other wallets. Ominex accepts all types of cryptocurrencies.

Paving the way of the Future

This will be the #1 User Wallet and Solution for accessing and working with Cryptocurrencies.

OMINEX is becoming larger and larger in scale. We are adding new benefits and features to handle the demand that Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain deployment will create. The logical choice for a safe and secure place to store your cryptocurrencies as well as to buy and sell cryptocurrencies is the Ominex.

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