Clothing and accessories is a great category.  I have just added it, and am searching for deals for you.

 Chakra Jewelry trio.  Check out this beautiful Chakra Jewelry set.  This is an amazing offer, with free shipping and  also 3 bonus offers for free.  Learn the meaning of each bead in the Chakra Jewelry.  You won’t want to miss this offer.

Do Not purchase Gina Alexander Photo Handbags.  That is, don’t purchase it  if you it think you are getting a high quality, American made, designer purse.   You won’t see very often that I will write about an offer that you should NOT buy, but this is an exception.  These handbags are very tempting.  The company will show you really cool ideas of what images you could have put on the bags.  If you are dealing with a local sales rep you will see high quality products.  However, when you receive yours it may not be the same high quality as you were shown by the sales rep.  Honestly, the sales rep may not even be aware that the company sometimes ships inferior products.  Some individuals have even received handbag only to find that there was a “made in china” sticker on the inside.   This company has started and failed repeatedly. They lure unsuspecting sales rep into the business and taking their money buying into the program.  When you first find this sales program, it appears to be legit.  However, more and more information is being published to expose their corrupt business practices.