Chakra Jewelry Set

 This trio of chakra jewels are made with natural gem stones, crystals and Lavastones. It’s a stunning set that would suit any occasion.

Keeping chakras balanced is extremely important and supports a balanced life. And wearing this beautiful jewelry set raises awareness of the seven sacred energy centres…

AND they look absolutely amazing!

This beautiful jewelry set includes all 3 pieces…

Individually these items sell for $19.95 each, and with shipping of $9.95 per item you would normally have to pay $29 just for one. But today you get…

All of this for only $29.95…plus you get free shipping!!

That’s a discount of over 60%, saving you over $60!

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In addition to the Chakra Jewelry Set  
You Get 3 Amazing Bonuses
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Chakra Jewelry Set $29.95

This Trio of Chakra Jewels is the perfect accessory for LOA, manifestation and overall awareness of the 7 chakras 

  •  Chakras are the energy centers that receive, assimilate and express life force energy. 
  •  They are active all of the time and impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual functions.

Bonus #1 $19
Chakra Essentials

  •  Inside Chakra Essentials you will learn what each chakra means and how it impacts on our lives
  •  You will discover how to recognize the signs of an imbalanced chakra and how this manifests in different parts of your life
  •  Learn the physical location of each chakra and which stones are best for activating them

Bonus #2 $39
Wheels Of Energy Meditations

  •  Wheels of Energy Meditations is a collection of soothing tracks for each chakra center
  •  These mediations will awaken and enliven the energy centers in your body, whilst relaxing you from head to toe
  •  Each track will prepare your body for deep relaxation, ultimately energizing and inspiring you.

Bonus #3 $19
Mindfulness & Inner Peace

  •  Discover the EXACT formula for finding lasting inner peace and maintaining a state of mindfulness regardless of how busy your life is.
  •  Learn how to feel more connected, more grounded and most of all, happier because you will be able to savor your life moment by moment.
  •  Implement these lessons into your daily life and see the amazing results for yourself!

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