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Reading – a fundamental source for learning, entertainment, and gaining our own thoughts and directions has never been as important or as available as it is today. There are lots of ways to enjoy reading today.  If you love to pick up a book and enjoy it page by page, we have them here for you.  Maybe you like to download books and read them on your tablet, or possibly you would rather download audiobooks.  They are all available here, at the lowest possible prices.



We offer both new and used books.   The selection is endless, including do-it-yourself, home and garden,’s all here.

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We should be reading to our kids even before they are born, and then even more after they are in this world.   The gifts of READING are proven to be fundamentally beneficial in all areas of life.

We learn so much from being Read To, Reading, and then in our own abilities to write and share, and communicate.

Why reading is important

Reading is important for a variety of reasons. We will look at some of those reasons below. It is important to realize that some people struggle with reading, and this is not a sign of low intelligence. . For example, John Corcoran, who wrote The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read, is a very intelligent man. He graduated from High School and College, became a popular High School teacher and later a successful businessman all without being able to read. A lot of intelligent people have struggled with reading, but when property taught most people can learn to read easily and quickly.

Now, if a man like John Corcoran can succeed without reading, why is reading important?  When you read John Corcoran’s story, you will realize the feelings of shame, loneliness and fear he experienced before he learned to read.  He was able to succeed because he was intelligent and was very determined.  However, the inability to read made his life very hard.

Why Is Reading Important?

1. Reading is fundamental to function in today’s society. There are a lot of people who cannot read well enough to follow directions on their medicine bottle.  That could be dangerous.  Imagine filling out a job application without being able to read.  A lot of day to day activities require being able to read.

2. Reading is a vital skill in finding a good job. A lot of jobs require being able to read.  There are memos that require reading.  Even filling out a time card, which is required in may jobs, requires being able to read.

3. Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise.When you read to children, it helps them learn to listen.  Teaching them to read helps develop their language skills.  The ability to really listen can help them in all areas of life.  The inability to listen and follow instructions can lead to job loss.  Also, the ability to listen good and understand can be very beneficial in a marriage.

4. Why is reading important? We discover new things when we read books or magazines, or the internet.  To learn, we must be able to read and understand what we read.  There is so much information available nowdays, with the availability of the internet.  No matter what a person is interested in, there is information about it available on the internet.  If you cannot read and understand what you are reading, you are missing out on a lifetime of learning.books

Reading Develops The Imagination

5. Reading develops the imagination Television and the computer games are popular, but are both more for entertainment.  They don’t usually require you to really think. With reading, a person can go away in their minds to anywhere in the world.  The possibilities are endless.  They can become the main character in the book or be thinking of different endings the book could have had.

6. In line with the above, reading develops the creative side of people. This is very important when reading to a child.  Try stopping once in a while and asking questions, to help the child understand what is being read.  This helps develop listening skills.  After the book is finished, ask them to make up other possible endings to the story.  This really helps develop their creativity. Reading Is Fundamental

7. Reading is fundamental in developing a good self-image. People who have difficulty reading often have low self esteem.  They sometimes feel isolated and do not want others to see that they cannot read.  The inability to read can also cause a person to perform poorly in other areas.  For instance, a child in school who has problems in reading will also have problems in math, because some of the problems are in written form.


Reading Is Important

Finally, why is reading important? Reading is important because words – spoken and written – are the building blocks of life. The person you become is directly related to the words you have read and have heard throughout your life.  The person you become depends on the words you believe about yourself.  The entire world, people, families, relationships and even nations are built from worlds.  Think about it.

According to Jonathan Kozol in “Illiterate America,” quoted in “The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read,’” the three main reasons people give for wanting to read are:

books1. To read the Bible,
2. To read books and newspapers, and
3. To help their children.

I think everyone can conclude that reading is a vital skill! Reading Strategies are also a part of learning to read.

By Glenn Davis,

Thank you Glenn – and I totally agree.


If you like a topic, or a Movie Series, you should dive into the books.  Books allow for so much more of the Story, the plots, the characters.  If you love it on the big screen, you’ll more than love and get more into it when you read.

booksbooksaudioDo you travel, drive or fly a lot – you should Read, but at times AUDIO BOOKS are a great addition to your personal growth.  They allow you to take in a book – and in many cases as read to you.  Being read too is a great way to soak in a story, to learn history, to gain knowledge.  And it’s all available on our site (that we continually update).

There is always a way to get a good book in… and you deserve it!books



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