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XcelTrip is a new blockchain travel booking site, which decentralizes the travel industry.  Travelers no longer have to contend with problems such as double booked rooms or flights. We no longer need to worry about someone hacking into the booking agency’s computer and stealing our private information.  The blockchain eliminates these worries.


Innovation of the Blockchain

Major changes are coming to many areas of our lives, and the first is the travel industry, thanks to the blockchain.    This blockchain travel site is brought to us by XcelTrip.

Decentralized Travel

The introduction of blockchain travel decentralizes the entire travel industry.  Until the introduction of blockchain, travel is booked mostly through online booking sites or travel agencies.  There are many different sites taking bookings for the same airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc.  This sometimes causes problems with rooms being booked several times for theblockchain travel same night, flights being overbooked, etc.  Primarily, this is caused by the fact that it takes quite some time for the websites to update after a booking is made.  Also, there is an element of human error that is sometimes involved.

With XcelTrip, and their blockchain travel booking site, these problems are eliminated.  With the blockchain, information that is added into the system is updated almost immediately.  Therefore, when a hotel room is booked, the XcelTrip site will show that the room is not available within minutes of the transaction being made.   Anyone who looks at the site will see that the room is already taken.  Additionally, there is no room for human error.  The consumer themselves makes the booking.  XcelTrip has created a system that is extremely user friendly.  The same is true for booking flights and restaurants and other vendors that are available with XcelTrip.


Blockchain technology not only makes booking travel arrangements faster and error free, but it also safeguards our personal information that we enter when making our reservations.  With the systems we are used to, such as Expedia and Priceline, all of the information we input is stored in a central database.  This is basically a huge building with a massive data storage computer.  The fact that all of the information is kept in one location makes it an easy target for those who want to hack in and steal our information.  Now, with the blockchain, that threat is eliminated.

Explanation of Blockchain

The blockchain is made up of individual computers all over the world that are linked together by the blockchain program. blockchain travel When information is entered into the blockchain, such as when you book an airline ticket, that information is processed by this network of computers.  All of the computers in the blockchain have the same information on them at the same time.   The information is no longer stored in a central database, it is shared by all of the computers in the blockchain, and therefore is decentralized.

Methods of Payment for XcelTrip

XcelTrip is at the forefront, leading the travel industry into the future.  They are not only the first blockchain travel booking site, but they are bringing with them their own cryptocurrency.  The Xcel Token can be used to pay for any bookings made on the XcelTrip travel site. Of course, they also accept credit and debit cards. The Xcel Tokens are being released on March 1, 2018 and can be bought on many cryptocurrency trading sites.

How to Make Money Working With XcelTrip

You can become an Independent Marketing Representative and work with businesses who would like to register to become vendors with XcelTrip.  To get more information and to sign up, GO HERE.


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