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Blockchain Details:  Get an education from our blockchain details and information page.  We have compiled a resource page to help anyone to get a grasp of what this is.  More importantly what it all means.  We also have resources on how you can benefit from the blockchain.  Get informed here:


Cryptocurrency Information and Support: We have a great resource page created to explain and inform you about Cryptocurrency.  You will also gain resources to an amazing solution for a Crypto Wallet and System for purchasing and exchanging Cryptocurrencies.  See the information here:


Cryptocurrency Mining: While you can go “all-in” and become a Cryptocurrency Miner.  You can learn about mining for BTC, ETH, or any of the various Cryptocurrencies.  Or you can literally follow the easiest system to date by joining in our Mining Community to turn your non-used time and resources on your personal computers into Micro-Mining machines allowing you to earn BTC (Bitcoin).  Start earning Cryptocurrency Here:


CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET:  We have the only blockchain Wallet you will ever need. Not only can you become an accredited investor for purchasing ICOs; but end users of Crypto-Currency can have access to the best and most available Blockchain Wallet for the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon.  Get your OMINEX Wallet here

What is Bitcoin – Definition for Beginners is a great page to read for those who are new to the Blockchain and Bitcoin.  This page explains in very easy to understand terms exactly what the blockchain is, where Bitcoin comes from and how to get your free bitcoin.  Go Here to read it.


For more education on this, please see our Blockchain Details and Information Page Here.  Keep up to date as we update and add to this Category Page.  These updates and new services are not only going to make things in life better; but can provide a way to share in the incomes they allow investors small and large.

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