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moviesWhen you enter this site through us, we can get you the most for your entertainment budget.  Bookmark us and save big everytime you enter to buy.

Do you have a favorite movie series, or actor?  Check out our site and you will find them.  They are all conveniently located,  All here in one location.


Star Wars

Are you a Star Wars Fan?  We have everything Star Wars, and more than just the movies.We have access to clothing, posters and anything else Star Wars related.  All of this is at the lowest possible price as well as with fast shipping, which is usually free.

One of my favorites is Harrison Ford.  He has done lots of movies, and is just amazing.  Just think of it.  He came from a start as Han Solo in Star Wars, which the critics thought was a DUD.  Gotta wonder about those movie Critics.

Did you moviesknow that when the original Star Wars movie came out, they didn’t have any SWAG – no light sabers, no t-shirts, nothing.  They tried, but were turned down by all manufacturers at the time.

After the initial release of Star Wars, there was a mad rush to create Star Wars toys.  They really messed up with predicting that one. Anything that even looked like a light saber was selling out fast.

Nowdays, there are usually toys, posters and other products out on the shelves before a movie is even released.

Funny Movies

movies How about those epic and funny movies, like the parody Space Balls.  This was a take off from Star Wars.  It became known as a classic among Star Wars fans, and it continued to grow as their comedy played off of the seriousness of Star Wars.




Do you remember Hunny I Shrunk the Kids?  Or Strange Brew?  The guy we all remember from thee movies is Rick Moranis.



There are so many movies… some oldies and goodies that may be forgotten – until you go through the largest online Library – See it here!

You will find movie classics as well as movies that began as books.  We have it all, and always at the best prices.  There are tons of great ones…ones worth watching again and again.


We have everything from horror and Suspense to Romantic Comedies and Suspenseful Action movies that have us all gripping our seats.


With Home Entertainment (See some crazy deals on Home Audio and Visual in our Audio and Visual Category) being so amazing in quality, have a Cinematic Experience every day at home.  Just be sure to have the Popcorn Ready!movies

Regardless of the type of movie you are looking for, or the era your movie comes from, we have it here on our site. We ensure that when you go through us – you will get the Best Prices.  This is a shopping service, a shopping experience, and one we do all the work on- so you do not have too.  Come here first… and get the best deals!movies9

All Movies, All Entertainment, All the time. movies


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