Affordable Travel with XcelTrip


XcelTrip is a new travel booking site,which was built using blockchain technology. This is a whole new type of travel booking, which will bring the best travel prices.  The XcelTrip site has been built very user friendly.  Therefore, the consumer logs onto the site and books their own reservations.

No Middlemen

XcelTrip has created a process that totally eliminates the middleman.  Thus, the potential for errors has been all but eliminated..  Therefore, the best travel prices are being made available.  In meeting with hotel managers and registering them as vendors for XcelTrip, I was told multiple times that they are paying 25% or more to their current travel booking sites.  The savings created by using XcelTrip is amazing. Removing the middleman reduces the expenses by a huge amount, and the savings is passed on to both the vendor and the customer.


Creation of the blockchain and it’s implementation by XcelTrip will completely revolutionize travel.  XcelTrip has created a travel booking site that is very user friendly.  The consumer will simply go to the XcelTrip site and book their own reservations. Until now, when reservations were entered into the system, it took quite some time for the sites to update. This was due to using databases to store all the information on the internet. The blockchain works by processing and storing the information on a network of computers spread across the world.   Blockchain technology is so efficient, that the reservation is verified almost immediately.  Therefore, the issue of double bookings is eliminated.


The blockchain is also very secure.  The simple fact that the information is stored on a multitude of different computers makes it nearly impossible to hack.  Therefore, the problem with hackers stealing our personal information is virtually eliminated.

XcelTrip will accept cryptocurrency

XcelTrip has created their own form of cryptocurrency, called Xcel Tokens.  These tokens will be accepted as payment for booking reservations.  Of course, they will continue to accept credit and debit cards also.  The Xcel Tokens will be available to purchase on many cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is an exciting time for the travel industry.  The introduction of XcelTrip and their blockchain technology will create a badly needed easy to use, up to date travel booking site.  This will eliminate most of the problems associated with bookings that we have dealt with for years.


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