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Hello.   I would like to welcome you and  also thank you for coming to Gayle’s Place.  We spend countless hours searching the internet to locate interesting new offers, ideas and information to post on our site.  Our goal is to  bring to you the latest trends and information all right here in one convenient location.  We have a wide variety of categories you can search through.  We tend to lean toward legitimate ways to make money working from home.  I’m kind of partial to this category, because as I write this page I am in a work at home job that I found on the internet.  I advertise the company that I am with several places throughout this site, as well as a few others that I know are legitimate offers.

Another focus of my site is fine wine from Direct Cellars.  This is a fabulous wine of the month club that offers fine wine delivered right to your door.  There are multiple levels available to join the club, with a wide price range. You can also sign up to be an affiliate with them and market their wines. They have a great compensation plan. You will find a lot of information about that wine club on my site.

In trying to keep current on changes involving the internet, I am posting information regarding the Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Ominex Wallet.  I have links posted in my site that will allow you to sign your computer up to earn free Bitcoins, and also have links available for you to get your Ominex Wallet, which will allow you to store and manage all your cryptocurrency.  The is a new and exciting time when talking about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. I also have a lot of information explaining what the blockchain is.

I also market XcelTrip through my site.  You can find links to join as an affiliate partner to help market XcelTrip.  They also have a great compensation plan for those who help market their program.

I try to post a new ad every few days, as I see things that I think you might be interested in.  Please feel free to contact me at gaylesplacedeals@gmail.com and let me know what you would like me to include on my site.  I will search for it and, if possible, I will include it.  I would love to get to know you and provide the information you are interested in.

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You will notice a list of categories down the left side of my page.  You can click on any category and you will see a synopsis of each ad within the category.  Or, you can click on the blue arrow and it will display a list of the featured ads and information in that category. By clicking on one of the drop down tabs, you will be directed right to that page.

Thank you for stopping at Gayle’s Place.  You are the reason we launched this site.  We strive to bring new exciting offers to you, including any free stuff we find.  I hope you signed up with your email address and again, feel free to message me.  Thanks…Gayle



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